Crawfest at District 249 with Cody Hibbard – May 4th

Join us for the 2nd Annual Crawfest and Cook-off at District 249. The Event will feature up to 30 different crawfish teams competing to be crowned best crawfish of the event. You can enjoy ALL YOU CAN EAT CRAWFISH and taste all cook-off teams from 12PM-5:30PM. 

Full Entertainment line-up will be announced April 5th. 


We’re excited to have you join us for the 2nd Annual Craw Fest Cook- Off. Below are all the details you need to know to make your experience successful.

This year the event is being sanctioned by the newly formed SCCA – Southern Crawfish Cookoff Association, a cookoff league created by StaleKracker and The Crawfish Critic.

Event Details:

Event Name: 2nd Annual Craw Fest Cook-Off

Date & Time: May 4th – 129M to 9pm

Location: District 249 in Tomball, TX

Public Tasting: 12PM-5:30PM

Number of Competing Teams: Up to 30 Teams

Prize Pool: $5,000

1st place: $2,500

2nd place: $1,000

3rd place: $500

People’s Choice: $500

Cajun Side Dish: $500

Cook Team Registration Includes

10×10 cook site. Access to water. Crawfish for public serving. NO ELECTRICITY provided.

Cook Team Booth Set-Up & Tear Down

Set Up: Cook teams may drop off equipment at their designated load in time (A,B or C)

Feel free to jazz up your cooking space with your unique flair! Bring your decorations and signage if you’re feeling extra festive. No campers, travel trailers, RVs or motorized vehicles of any kind including golf carts, atvs, etc. will be allowed in the festival area.

Tear Down: Teams will only be allowed to drive a vehicle into the venue area after the completion of the Cody Hibbard concert around 10PM. You can carry or cart your equipment to your vehicles after the event is over, but you will not be able to pull a vehicle in to load up on until the concert is over. All vehicles must be parked in the pre-designated parking area.

Equipment & Supplies

Remember to pack all your cooking essentials, including propane, seasonings, utensils, and any groceries you’ll need. Teams are responsible for providing their own tents, tables, chairs etc. for their booth.

We’ll provide serving trays, and crawfish.

Ice will be available for purchase.

Cook Team Meeting

All head cooks are required to attend the cook team meeting inside District249 at 10am on Saturday morning. An SCCA Representative, Event Producer, and District 249 Management will host a cook team meeting the morning of the competition.

Head cooks will randomly select a turn-in tray when instructed. The turn-in tray will have two tickets secured inside and a cook team packet including the turn-in times associated with all of the ticket numbers.

Wristbands will be passed out for team members. Everyone on your team must wear the provided wristbands during the event.

Blind Double Ticket System

SCCA requires that the blind double ticket system be used. This system ensures fair competition. SCCA requires that two tickets bearing the same number be utilized, one firmly attached to the top of the judging tray with a clear piece of tape and the other to remain in the possession of the head cook. During awards, the organizer will announce the ticket numbers of the winners. The winner will provide the ticket to the SCCA representative who will verify its authenticity.

Serving The Public

Teams will be required to serve the public from 12pm – 5:30pm. Those with AYCE wristbands can be served 1 crawfish boat at a time as many times as they wish to get additional crawfish. We will go into further detail on this in the cook team meeting.

Crawfish Competition Rules:

Teams will turn in only crawfish with ZERO sides. The tray should be filled up but still be able to be fully closed and not overfilled & bulging. No presentation or decoration of the trays will be allowed.

Teams must use the designated crawfish provided by the event for competition turn-ins.

Each team will only be allowed to turn in one tray of crawfish each regardless of how many spots they purchased.

Crawfish must be boiled or steamed; no other cooking methods will be allowed to be turned in for the competition.

Judging trays will be provided by the SCCA representative during the cook team meeting. All judging containers shall be clean and free of any markings. Only the containers provided by the SCCA representative will be utilized for crawfish turn-ins.

Turn-in times will be decided based on the blind double ticket system. Each head cook will choose a random turn-in tray which will have two tickets inside. Teams will also be given the turn-in timesheet that will tell you which tickets have which turn-in times. Turn-Ins will be done at a table that is out of sight of judges. The SCCA representative will write down your team’s name and ticket number and bring the tray in to be judged. The SCCA representative will be the only person who will be in possession of the team’s name and ticket number list. This is essential to make sure the SCCA has the complete rankings of which teams came in which place so that SCCA season points can be awarded.

Failure to meet the designated turn-in time may result in disqualification unless the cook-off manager has been notified in advance. Any identifying markings on the turn-in tray found during the competition will lead to automatic disqualification. All decisions made by the SCCA representative are final.

Taste judges will meticulously evaluate each presented tray, considering five distinct criteria: flavor, spice, peel, texture & juiciness. Utilizing a comprehensive scoring system, judges will assign scores on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 for each of these criteria. In the event of a tie, the flavor will be the tiebreaker.

Cook Team Rules and Disclosures:

Cookers are responsible for all needed equipment and supplies. District 249 and Cookoff organizers and volunteers will not be responsible for the theft and/or damage to equipment of contestants (boilers, vehicles, etc.)

The HEAD COOK of each team will be held responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and team members. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages or fighting WILL BE GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION, and they will be asked to leave the premises with no refunds.

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL ALLOWED inside the festival area. All alcohol must be purchased from the venue. Each team will be able to purchase 2 cases of beer (24 packs). Domestic $35 per case, Import $45 per case.

Additional Rules and Information.

1) A total of 30 teams have been accepted for the competition. You will get to choose your load in time. 8AM, 9AM or 10AM based on the order you sign up. Earlier load in times will get to choose better set up positions.

2) There will be two designated water areas to fill your pots. We recommend bringing a wagon or something of that sort.

3) Teams must furnish their own cooking utensils, equipment, tent (if desired) and decorations for their booth including propane. NO ELECTRICITY provided. Teams may supply their own decorated bowls to serve the crawfish to the public if they wish.

Note: District 249will supply the container for presentation to the judges. All teams shall supply their own sides to serve the public. There are no mandatory sides to be served but recommended for people’s choice. Ice bags will be available. for sale at $5 per bag. YOU MUST provide your own lemons, limes, and all additional ingredients for your station.

4) Each team will get 6 complimentary team wristbands, and you can purchase up to 2 extra at $10 per wristband. Each team will receive a welcome packet Saturday morning upon arrival.

5) Teams will be allowed to set up during your allotted set up time. You MUST have your vehicle out of the festival area by the end of your set up time.

6) Booth locations will be assigned to teams on a first come, first serve basis.

7) The competition area will be roped off. Team members and team guests must wear a wristband for entry. The public will purchase tasting tickets outside the competition area the day of the event.

8) Crawfish will be provided by District 249. Teams shall be prepared to cook as many bags as needed to keep a steady supply ready for public tasting for people’s choice.

9) Teams are allowed to add corn, potatoes, and other sides for cooking, and for serving to the public.

10) This event is sanctioned by the SCCA and will follow SCCA rules.

11) Teams are responsible for maintaining clean and safe boiling and serving areas. Propane tanks must be in good working order and within code. Music players are permitted but must be managed in compliance with cook-off officials’ instructions.


13) All decisions of the judges are final.

14) Teams will have the option to compete in the best Cajun dish, that includes crawfish that is cooked on site, crawfish MUST be cooked on site. (Entry not mandatory). Teams will supply enough for 6 judges to taste. This can be any dish as long as it has crawfish cooked in it.

15) Members of the cooking team are prohibited from voting, if caught the team will be disqualified.

16) Clean up. Teams are responsible for cleaning up their station at the completion of the event.

17) The People’s Choice Award will be based on voting by the public. Each AYCE ticket purchaser will receive one vote. The team with the most votes (tickets) will win People’s Choice.

19) Turn in boxes, and ballot boxes for People’s Choice Award will be distributed at the cooks meeting Saturday morning at 10 AM. A representative from each team MUST attend the cooks meeting.

20) All minors must leave by 10PM.